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  Manufacture according to your products
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  Design according to your request

About Us

Established in 1987, NINGBO JIANGBEI YONGJIN CASTER & PULLEY MANUFACTORY formerly known as Ningbo Jiangbei Jinhai Motor Manufactory is a private enterprise specializing in many kinds of special bearings, pressing bearings, pressing hardwares and hub-motors for electric bicycles. It is located in Ningbo City of Zhejiang Province, which has a long history and is convenient for air, sea & highway transportation to Shanghai and ports overseas. It has more than 100 staffs, over 10 of whom are technicians. It is equipped with 3 lines—pressing plant, instrument lathe plant & motor plant, with advanced processing equipments and strictly quality controlling and checking system. Our factory has developed nearly 500 kinds of items, 100 of which are our general products. Along with the changing market, we always develop new products to meet customers’ favor. We have passed quality control system of ISO9001and get the China Compulsory Certification by our steady quality. We have business with customers from Spain, USA, Italy, South Africa, Korea, Jordan, etc.

Our main products are as follows:

  • Thrust ball bearings, pressing bearings, flanged bearings, flanged cup bearings, spherical bearings, unground carbon steel bearings, plastic/steel rollers, caster wheels, nylon/plastic pulleys for windows, doors & furnitures, rollers for automatic garage gates, conveyor bearings, free wheels, trailer wheels, and so on. We can design and make special bearings with customers’ drawings or detailed requirements.
  • Pressing hardware, producing according to customers’ drawings or detailed requirements.
  • Brushless DC motors for E-bicycles, with popular and standard wheels.

You can refer to our website

-------- http://www.nbjinhai.com or http://nbjhdj.cn.alibaba.com/for details.

According to the requirements of customers, we persist in keeping improvement and aggressive sprits. Through technology innovation, we would like to provide you more competitive prices, higher quality and excellent service, based on the mutual benefit, co-creating a long business relation and making a sincere friendship with our customers.
65#,xuejia,waicao village, yongjiang town, Jiangbei Ningbo,
China, 315021
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